28 March 2016

The Peacock

Here's my submission for this year's Animation Art Show! I used watercolour and gold inks as the medium. It will be auctioned off, along with all the other artwork, on April 17th in the Ark to raise money for charity.

28 February 2016

Ellie the Ace Comic

Here's a comic I made last year of Ellie the Ace as part of the development and promotional materials. I really enjoying getting a chance to make the comic. I learnt a lot about how I want to handle the characters.

26 October 2015

Blog name change!

I'm trying to get a little more professional with my presentation online so I've changed my tumblr name from elbooga to  

I post there a lot more frequently so if you want to see sketches and WIPs that's the place to go. But I'll try to keep updating this blog with any big news. I am also found on twitter too!

12 October 2015

Thatched Series - Part 2

Second batch of Thatched Houses series I painted.
 Selected originals are in my shop now, and prints are available in my new Inprnt shop!

Thatched Series - Part 01

First batch of Thatched Houses series I painted.
 Selected originals are in my shop now, and prints are available in my new Inprnt shop!

01 May 2015

Ellie the Ace Trailer!

Check out the trailer we made for Ellie the Ace - it's a lot easier to watch if you go to youtoob

We made it at Cartoon Saloon last September for Cartoon Forum (you may remember!) so I thought it was about time to put it online. The turnaround on it was short for so much work but the team did a great job!
Ellie's new design

Concept art by Pedro Vergani

Sneak peak of an Ellie comic in the works!

Since the trailer I’ve been working intensively on Ellie at the studio and we’ve been able to bring in more great artists and writers. It’s come forward in leaps and bounds and I’m really excited about the progress made, it’s really coming together!

It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve enjoyed getting the opportunity to work with a number of fantastic people. Now the project is getting close to the next stage so I’ll try and show more of it when I can.

PS: I’ll be at Annecy Festival for a few days if anyone wants to say hello, maybe even nab a few Ellie goodies :)

17 February 2015

30 September 2014

Ellie the Ace!

Ellie the Ace is a TV series that I’ve been developing at the Cartoon Saloon for a little while. You might even remember some very early drawings of Ellie on my blog.

So this summer I’ve been hard at work directing a trailer and making pitch bible and last week we were able to present it at Cartoon Forum! It was pretty nerve racking but exciting at the same time. All in all it went really well and we got some great feedback afterwards. (Variety even posted a lovely article about it!)

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on it and for the support of all my friends and of course the folks in the Saloon!

04 June 2014

Sailing illustrations

 A little series of characters that are promoting sailing

11 March 2014

13 January 2014

Loose Ends

My film Loose Ends, which I made as part of the Late Night Work Club, is now online on its own. Click the image above to watch it. Thanks!

09 November 2013

Shadow on the Snow

Sadhbh, Shadow on the Snow

The final illustration of my Ranger, Sadhbh, for the Light Grey Art Lab Rolemodels game.

You can get each image as a print, see mine here, or you can get all the illustrations as a deck to play the game with here!

It was a lot of fun being part of this and seeing all the different characters created. If you want to see more of my prep work check out my tumblr.

19 September 2013

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