01 May 2015

Ellie the Ace Trailer!

Check out the trailer we made for Ellie the Ace - it's a lot easier to watch if you go to youtoob

We made it at Cartoon Saloon last September for Cartoon Forum (you may remember!) so I thought it was about time to put it online. The turnaround on it was short for so much work but the team did a great job!
Ellie's new design

Concept art by Pedro Vergani

Sneak peak of an Ellie comic in the works!

Since the trailer I’ve been working intensively on Ellie at the studio and we’ve been able to bring in more great artists and writers. It’s come forward in leaps and bounds and I’m really excited about the progress made, it’s really coming together!

It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve enjoyed getting the opportunity to work with a number of fantastic people. Now the project is getting close to the next stage so I’ll try and show more of it when I can.

PS: I’ll be at Annecy Festival for a few days if anyone wants to say hello, maybe even nab a few Ellie goodies :)


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