18 July 2007

hiker - sailor - painter

I made this picture for my Dad who is all of the above :)

On a side note you can now buy prints of my work (including more not seen on this blog) at my shop - www.elbooga.deviantart.com/store/

I have added a link to it in 'my other sites' section on the right hand side.


  1. Hi Louise, I absolutely love your work! Every post has something I would have been proud to have produced!!! I particularly love Censorship I with the rain chimp (makes me want to break out my gouache), and the watercolour animals before that are so refined/paired down to the essentials...just perfect! & it goes without saying the elephants in your wildlife post are terrific! Will bookmark for future visits. PS.Ta for visiting my blog!

  2. i adore your illustrations!


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