18 November 2007

Polar Bears

They are amazing creatures, the largest of land carnivores. Their species is under threat due to global warming. Their hunting grounds are disappearing under the water and, despite being strong swimmers, 4 polar bears were found drowned last year.

This piece is on raw linen canvas, so that the natural fibre colour shows through. The polar bears are sown on to the canvas by hand and the details added. 20x60cm



  1. hi Louise,
    Sorry to not comment sooner. Love the elephants, am sure Kate must do too. They are sure to sell!

    Great work with the polar bear, a subject after my own heart. Did you watch Attenboroughs "Planet Earth" on BBC1 earlier this year...? A fascinating yet heartbreaking sequence of a polar bear swimming between iceflows with no solid pack ice in sight.

    Saw a book which might be up your street, "Plush-o-Rama: Curious Creatures for Immature Adults" (I'm not calling you immature!). Some great characters in there, made me want to try my hand at it despite my poor record at textiles! You might want to keep an eye out for a copy...

  2. I love the simplicity of the colours and textures...btw, your mom referred me to your blog

  3. cheers! I'll have to say thanks to my mum :)


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