05 January 2008

Dreaming of Tall Tales

Done for a children's illustrator club theme of 'Dreams'. acyrlic on paper.


  1. So peaceful and inviting, a very successful piece! Is it my imagination or is there a touch of the Russian folk art / Marc Chagall intended...? I'm showing my ignorance but what is the "children's illustrator club"...? Is it anything like Illustration Friday...? Nice work!

  2. Thanks matt
    The russian folk-ness was definitly intended, espically having them wearing scarfs.
    The children's illustrator club is a group on deviantart (i dont know if your familar with this site, but I have been a long time member). Its similar to illustration friday, except they set a new theme every month --> http://www.childrensillustrator.deviantart.com/gallery/


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