23 November 2008

poster from Colour Contamination

This is the poster from a short animation I directed recently called 'Colour Contamination'. It currently going out to festivals, but you can catch a glimpse of it in my new showreel. It about a buisness man who doesn't like colourful things.


  1. I loved the clip of Colour Contamination...as a knitter, I enjoyed seeing the lady knitting!

  2. Hey lady!

    Finally, I'm getting around to thanking you for the incredible gift you sent awhile back. I LOVE IT. He resides in our dining room, on top of the wine cabinet, for all to drool over. And I finally plugged it on the blog today, so hopefully your traffic goes crazy!

    Thanks again...you're amazing...


  3. Love your animation/illustration style!

  4. Looks wonderful (haven't played the showreel yet but will)! The coloured chairs alone are worth the price of admission! Many thanks for the blog comment, great minds think alike when it comes to snow. Have yourself a merry little xmas! PS. Matt also hates writing in the third person ;) (I'll have to borrow that comment sometime :)


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