09 May 2010

Bunny Bonanza

Does anyone object to more bunny drawings? I hope not. Drew some from my head and some with ref to fashion street blogs.


  1. these are rad! shoulda gone with "bunny bunnanza" but hey i'm just a jerk.. so much so i missed the plushie work shop! ass bag. (me not you, you're rad)

  2. I cant believe i missed bunny bunnanza... it was staring me in the face! I gotta blame the fact its a sunday. im still half asleep.
    thanks though!

  3. theyre all ace. i will pay you moneys for the 4th one down. if yes name your price!!

  4. I'm jealous of how you can capture such perfect pose and personality...whatever the creature! The bunny hugging itself is top notch! Many congratulations on Donkey... I hope I have the opportunity to see it sometime. While on the subject I checked out your showreels too. I remember seeing still of "Colour Contamination" a while back. It's strong graphic quality really stayed with me... is there anyway to view the whole thing on line (and Donkey too) or do I have to frequent the right animation festivals...:) Well done again!

  5. Thanks Matt! I love the work you've been posting to your blog.

    Unfortunatly I dont have the rights over my shorts to put them online, but if they do make it up ill be sure to spread the word around.


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