11 July 2012


♥ BMO ♥ 


  1. BMO chop!
    This is too adorable :3
    May I use it for a profile pic ?

  2. Hi Louise, just found out your blog and this Bmo work! Your work is really amazing!

    And Oh my Glob!! As odd as it looks, i finished a adventure time 3d artwork a few days ago with finn, jake and bmo, and after that a made a shot with only bmo dancing too! But your bmo are much more awesome and cute than mine!

    See ya!

  3. I liked it so much that I drew an equal

  4. Hey Louise! I'm not sure if you already know and have been contacted for permission for your drawings use but I stumbled upon this pin on etsy and it looks exactly like your drawing with only the letters changed on the side. And I saw above you said it is not for use.Hopefully these people used your permission!


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