04 November 2012

An Island

This is a short comic made for the Observer/Cape comic competition (the runner up is my favourite - I, Yeti). This is my first try at a comic and it's certainly not perfect, but it has helped me to find a way of working. Having a deadline certainly helped me to focus although as always I would have like to have had a bit longer at the end.

I roughed this out quite tightly, then drew the final lines in pen. In the end I think my drawings were too tight, so next time expect to see a bit of a difference. I'll play around more with techniques for the finished look.

I uploaded my thumbnails and early sketches onto my tumblr so you can see the progress. The longer I worked on it the more I got to know the character and in turn improved the writing.

Would love to hear any feedback. I will certainly try to do another short comic some time soon.


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